Fresh, Farm-To-Table Meals You’ll Love Our Great-Tasting Food and Coffee


Your New Favorite Diner

An Extensive Menu and Exceptional Customer Service

Perky’s Café is a charming family-owned café that offers a traditional menu with a unique flair. With fresh, farm-to-table food, (whenever possible) passion and a comfortable at-home feel, we guarantee a dining experience unlike any other.

How We Started

It has always been our owner’s dream to open up a restaurant on a historical street in a small town. Finally, out of a strong passion and love for food, Perky’s Café KC was founded in 2015. The restaurant continues its success in Basehor, KS.

Although we have been in business for only over 2 years, we have already created an at-home environment where people feel comfortable and can have fun. Every now and then, we hold fundraising activities and events to support the community, so check back in to keep up to date!